Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Royal Son Come in Splendor

Created to depict Christmas and what it is really about...

24"X36" Acrylic on Canvas, November 2008
Sold to raise money for Tyndale Mission Teams, 2009

We sometimes let ourselves come between us and God, but like the purple sun...or Son...He is always there. He promises to never leave or forsake His children. The simplicity of the tree reminds us that our purpose in life, ultimately, is simple--to honor and glorify God in all we do, and ascribe to Him the beauty that is His..which is the silver incorporated into the work.

Be amazed by all He has done.

Be blessed by grace and simplicity.
Be strengthed through the power of the Word.
Be encouraged by love greater than you can imagine.

God be with you all and within you all.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sun Moon and Stars

Acrylic on Canvas
Wedding Gift for Suzie and Thomas Hollema

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Commissioned by Tyndale University to raise money for Missions
Acrylic on Canvas

African Sunset

Commissioned by Tyndale University for auction to raise money for IJM
Acrylic on Canvas

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Purple Waterlily

Created for Mom and Dad on their 25th wedding anniversary
Acrylic on Canvas
30'X 36'

Saturday, September 6, 2008


New Years Eve 2007

Friday, September 5, 2008

Welcome to My Hole

It's not much of a's more like an amazingly fabulously bright mansion in the heart of a beautiful country, that God has given me to eat, sleep, study, live, and create...and my supergreat roomies have generously put up with me and my paint.

Somehow in life, I always manage to find a small space which I begin to take over and pretty much live in. Back in the day that was my parent's basement where I hid behind my books and pencils and it has become the little space behind the couch in the living room of the apartment I live in...that is where I do almost all my sitting. Why a hole?'s not so much that it's ACTUALLY a's more just that I'm always there and other people tell me I'm in my hole.. I like knowing I have a space to just be. Be who I am and who I want to be..and when I am always in the same little space, it almost becomes my 'prayer closet' in a way...just a place where I spend my introverted time with my God...kind of like an old man smoking his pipe in his rocker on the front porch with a good book. It's a predictable and comforting place where he can be.

So this has now become an extention of my 'hole'...I'm not planning to write very much here...only because at this point in life I am supposed to be blogging and logging and journally for almost all my classes, for my placement, AND just because I like to and need to get my thoughts out and writing makes me actually do that when I don't talk....

Thanks to a great friend, I have taken up painting again, and thanks to a great God it has become one of the greatest sources of soul quieting healing. I give all the credit of anything you see here to my God and Father in heaven. It is He who enables and inspires.

Praise God.